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James Funaro


Hometown:                     Holbrook, New York

​​​Residence:                     Huntington Station, NY

Age:                                 26, mind of a five-year old sometimes though (ha ha)

​​Occupation:                   Entrepreneur

​My Best Feature:          My smile 

​​My Worst Feature:       Always think I'm right!  Why have you thought to presume me to be wrong?

​Person I Admire:          Hopefully my future self, as narcissistic as it sounds, but I try (not always successfully) to be the person I aspire to become one day.

Person Who Has Had an Influence On Me:  My father

In What Way?:​  

Seeing how many in my generation and below have become an entitled "what have you done for me lately" (to quote Eddie Murphy's great skit), I'm glad I had it a bit tough.  He let me have anything I wanted!  A car, college, money to spend out with my friends, etc, whatever I made at my job I could spend!  At 13 I was mowing lawns and haven't stopped working since. Life is what we make of it, and only we ultimately have the power to shape it. When entering choppy waters or stormy seas, I'm the Captain at the helm.

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