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What is beautiful to me: 

Everything.  I find beauty on both a macro and a microcosmic level.  The world as a whole.  My girlfriend's smile.  My sister's laugh.  The veins within a leaf.  The rain.  The sky.  Expressive talent.  Music.  Everything.  The trick is to learn to appreciate the beauty that is in all aspects of life. 

Everyday beautiful thing: 

Waking up.  The fact that I am alive, healthy, cognitive, have adequate mental faculties, and I am able to appreciate the world around me. 

Guilty pleasure: 

Growing up within a family of predominantly Italian-Irish stock,  I was raised to wholeheartedly subscribe to the ancient Babylonian tradition of "eat, drink, and be merry".  Over-indulging in food and alcohol was never frowned upon in my family.  For better or worse.

How do I keep these healthy:


Mind:  I fervently believe in the idea of a "Rennaissance man".  The idea that the mind is a plot of land that needs to be both weeded and cultivated is very true.  Reading and researching keep my mind active. 

Body:  I am an avid fan of anything associated with physical culture.  Training in martial arts has always been an embryonic introduction to physical wellness.  In my early twenties, I learned to fall in love with weight lifting.  I love the idea of a sport where you compete against yourself.  You can only blame and praise yourself.  All progress is quantifiable. 

Heart:  It is easy to be both numb and jaded in today's world.  I have learned, thanks to my girlfriend breaking my walls down, that one must be vulnerable to truly love.  As a naive youngster, I believed what the fairy tales said about love.  After much headache and heartache in later years, I began to doubt the purity of love.  Meeting my girlfriend has given me an opportunity to return to innocence.  My mother always taught me to be honest with myself and what I want.  This keeps my heart healthy. 

Soul:  While in some aspects I would consider myself an Atheist, in other aspects I would say I am more spiritual than many followers of different faiths  and denominations.  I keep my soul healthy by taking advantage of life, taking time to meditate, self-reflecting, appreciating the world around me, and taking note of the signs of fate. I do not apply divinity to every aspect of life, but believe in quantum physics and the divinity of the individual.



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