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Wilderness Garde

"Once you start creating that story," says Carlin, "that’s where the suffering begins. (But) if you can say, wow, that was a really shitty performance and say 'Oh well, I’m not gonna do that again.' The quicker you can do that, that’s when healing begins."
To her peers she advises, "Do your deepest truth and keep rising, or you’re just gonna get drowned by people’s critiques. And that’s not fair to you as an artist...If you can transcend that, then you’re good.  But that’s a f----’ journey."
For her, this is proved true over and over again during the voice and music lessons she teaches.  She concludes, "What I’ve noticed with children and adults alike is when I create a space, when I say that this is the safe space to make mistakes, immediately the voice will come out.  It will be a beautiful voice, only that person is not giving themselves permission to fail. No matter what age, we are all terrified of failing.  We are in a society that crave perfection.  We see perfection in the cover of magazines, but it’s all an illusion."
In a stroke of irony, she would later be chosen as cover of this magazine--illusion and all. On the day of her shoot, the rain came down, the wind blew hard, and the sun came out. Beauty is always everywhere, it relates to both the good and bad, the planned and unplanned. That's the nature of things, that's Tree of Series, that's the essence of Avidya & The Kleshas.


Avidya & The Kleshas
Avidya & The Kleshas
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