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Tel. sales orders: +61 2 9560 2626


Gone are the days of the Marlboro man, but thank heavens for a healthier dreamy alternative from Australia. If you haven’t heard of aussieBum, you either haven’t been to the beach, don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse who likes showing you off, or you don’t have the confidence to pull off wearing sexy underwear or swimwear.

“If you doubt yourself, wear something else” is not just a slogan, it is good advice from our Aussie friends.  The hottest line of undies and trunks does extremely well in exemplifying the hottest bodies.  The variety of cuts and prints—from solids to retro to sporty to urban rock—virtually assures a good fit for anyone’s taste…provided of course your body agrees.  And yes, we will say it. If you’re overweight, please don’t. 

Headquartered and operated from Sydney, Australia, aussieBum was founded by Sean Ashby in 2001 after a futile attempt at finding a style of nylon swim trunks he had known as a child.  Since then, the original $20,000 start-up has grown to become a multi-million dollar, global manufacturing powerhouse offering over 150 styles of products.  Considering online transaction is where its sales are generated, and that it relies heavily on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and word of mouth for publicity, this is an amazing feat indeed.

It is, by any stretch of the imagination well deserving of success. The Wonderjock, (a cheeky play on the Wonderbra) aka the Boosterjock is designed to amplify certain things, especially in certain circumstances (think Seinfeld's “Shrinkage” Episode). For our sake as bystanders, it probably should come with a disclaimer like those on passenger side mirrors:  “Objects may appear larger than they are.”

Fans of aussiebum include superhot studs like Daniel Radcliffe (yes, think Equus), Ewan McGregor and David Beckham, and for good reason. aussieBum is playful, well-designed, hip, sassy and seductive. It truly does give new meaning to the phrase, “scorching heat from Down Under," or as we like to call it simply--the Great Outback! Puns deliciously intended.

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Photos and Video courtesy of aussieBum

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